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Idea Paradise has its presence where technology and business impact daily life.

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About Our

We are a global coalition of firms that supports a range of industries such as entertainment, blockchain, information technology, fintech and travel and tourism. By working together, we believe that we can advance the well-being of several people as we develop and apply our skills to create products that have a tangible impact on the present and the future. We have our presence across Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Surat, Dubai, Singapore, Estonia, Luxembourg, Lithuania, & expanding in many more regions.

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Our approach



We invests in audacious ventures that are believable and have the ability to survive current labyrinthine market scenarios to noun fate endeavours.



Our research labs are always vigilant, looking for newer and antithetical opportunities that are meant to make a difference.



If the opportunity is notable, then our financers are intimated to explore, evaluate and employ the venture to stand apart from the competitors.

Our Purpose

To fulfil the potential of technology and human inventiveness. We enable our Start Ups to become the finest version of themselves




Invested capital


Years of experience

Industries we invest in

Even as the market economy sees a sea of change, We have been consistent in our investment portfolio. As innovators, we always keep our eyes and ears peeled for newer opportunities, which contribute to our growth as well as the industry and economy.

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Amazingly vast and continuous investing in software and technology is not just an organisational objective. Modernised application development seamlessly integrates your strategy, data and long-term company goals driving innovation and meeting customer expectations across a changing landscape.

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Blockchain & Crypto

Blockchain ledgers are immutable and impenetrable. A new trust is built on blockchain’s security, transparency and traceability, making it the technology of the future. Alongside crypto, old paperwork and processes become obsolete as renewed cooperation, speed, and collective trust are enabled, revolutionising the financial world.

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Travel & Tourism

As disparate as it might sound, Idea Paradise has been a continuous investor in the travel and tourism industry due to its myriad possibilities. For some regions, this is a high source of income, especially when managed well. The beauty, uniqueness and character of the environment and its resources always draw us to invest in the travel industry.